I got a tattoo. And I’m going to apologise now for even doing this post.

I feel skeptical writing this as the fear that it’ll be dull to read about hangs over my head, however I’m not in a great mood and can’t paint at the moment to relieve it so whatever.

The idea of getting a tattoo had been in my mind for about a year before August when I finally did, but my problem was I had no idea what to get. I had my reasons, which I’ll write about in a second, but I knew that I didn’t want to get anything I’d seen online or out of a book. I don’t see the point in not designing it yourself unless you’re not a competent artist, but if that’s the case I think you should at least sit down with an artist and tell them what you want.

Anyway, one day I painted this:



And, because I liked the design a lot, turned it into this for my tattoo (a little more badass):



I know… but I think it suits me which is what lots of people have told me and I’m really happy with it.

Reasons I got it:
  • For the experience (mainly)– I wanted to see how my expectations of the pain would be met; surprisingly spot on, painful but easily bearable
  • To remind me how much I love art and to never forget that- I did forget it in year 12 and felt like complete shit for a year, then began painting again in year 13 and felt so much better
  • To feel more like an adult in preparation for university and life in general– I still feel about 10, and I only realised how I’d failed this one when a friend pointed out that it’s a robot butler…
  • Because I like the design– I also used to draw robots whenever I didn’t know what to doodle as a kid so it has some sentimental value there. Cheesy I know.




Please let me know your opinion of tattoos in general, good or bad, and mine specifically if you hold particularly enlightening views on it 🙂




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