Ladies and gentlemen, this is a blog dedicated to the cynical Scribblings of a teenager sat in his room at university, bored. His ramblings may not come with a message or improve your life in any way shape or form, but he hopes that you can appreciate some of his writings as this is his outlet. He aims to offer you a new and hopefully interesting perspective of the world and, as a welcome and added bonus, entertain.

If you are a person anywhere in the world with a problem you’re struggling to contemplate, then escape from your life and read about mine! On a serious note, I’d love to chat with anyone who is willing to listen and talk about either your own life or mine, this is an adventure for me that I’d like to make as fun as possible.



These really vary from post to post. They’re really just a reflection of whatever is in my brain at the time I’ve decided to write, so be prepared for a wide range of stuff. It may be serious it may not be, you’ll have to read to find out.

Drunk Posts

A variation of the usual random Scribblings, except I write them while I’m inebriated and then write in bits the next day to make my point my comprehensible (if there is a point at all!). Often being drunk means things that have been bothering me come out and writing them down then is the first step to getting them out of my head.

Short Stories + Poetry

This is where I pour my creative efforts and write short stories. Often they are in parts because sometimes they get quite long but others are pretty concise. I love feedback for these especially as creative writing is something I want to thrive in (and is part of my joint honours!), so please leave comments or email me at— I’d appreciate it!

Nasty Intrusive Narrator– a special kind of ‘Story Time’ post: basically they don’t have a real plot but instead a cynical narrator describes things around him while getting interrupted by his inner thoughts (indicated in italics) being horrible.